About Us

The BLADES and the Capital City Condors are dedicated to enabling children and adults with intellectual and/or physical disabilities to play ice hockey.

As an organization we share a dream that there will be Adapted Hockey teams organized across Canada.

The BLADES are staffed by caring and dedicated Administrative and Coaching volunteers.

“The BLADES is a co-ed team for individuals ages 6 & up who, because of disability, are not able to play with a regular hockey program.

Our players will play hockey and learn the meaning of sportsmanship and teamwork. At the same time, they will develop skating skills, improve coordination, and have a great time being part of a team!



At the Cambridge Sports Park

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Question:  What makes Adapted Hockey so awesome?

Answer:  THE PLAYERS!!  Each player is so totally unique. Too often we tend to look at the disability and don’t take the time to see and appreciate their Abilities. Any individual whether 6 or 60 who has a developmental/ intellectual or physical disability is encouraged to play the great Canadian game of Hockey on our team.

One player may not be able to speak but his smile is so huge and contagious that you can’t help but get excited when the players are on the ice.  Another player may take years to be able to skate well enough on their own but their gentleness has a calming effect on all who are around that person.

A person may join the team who, because of their disability, has an uncontrollable urge to run, but with guidance and patience is able to learn to control this urge. For this player’s family it is impossible to describe the emotions they feel when for the first time they are sitting on the sidelines and their child is safe and happy being a part of a team.

Question:  Do I have to know how to skate in order to be a part of the team?

Answer:  NO.  We will help our non-skaters learn to skate. Even though they may still be learning to skate they are still with their team on the ice when we play games against other teams and where a safe environment is ensured. You should see the smiles when they step on the ice for the very first time and manage their way around the arena!

Question: Does the team participate in tournaments and out of town games?

Answer: Yes, we are members of the Canadian Adapted Hockey Alliance and maintain our insurance with IPLAY  and as such, we play friendship games and participate in tournaments as we are able.  This year is not a standard season due to the restrictions of the Covid 19 pandemic but in past seasons we have participated in the Niagara Jr Ice Dogs tournament in St Catherine’s, we traveled to Pittsburgh to participate in the USA Special Hockey Classic and are always looking for opportunities to participate in tournaments. We typically schedule games with other member teams who share our philosophy of total inclusion and who are in easy driving distance, to which all players and families are encouraged to attend.

Question:  What makes your team different?

Answer:  We were really excited with the formation of the BLADES and the part we can have in sharing the vision of The Capital City Condors Hockey Association, to see a special needs team in every major city and town across Canada and beyond. Every season provides new experiences for our athletes.

Question:  Are you a charitable organization?

Answer:  Because we are a member team of The Capital City Condors who are a registered charitable organization, receipts are issued for all donations to The BLADES by The Capital City Condors.

Question:  How is your team funded?

Answer:  We are a privately run team who appreciates support from individuals and companies who might wish to sponsor us.  Our player families help in fundraising activities to help pay for ice time, equipment, and assisting individuals or families who may require financial support in order to be a part of the team.

Got a question, drop us an email, we would love to hear from you. The BLADES are always looking for additional players to join our team!

To find out more about The BLADES bladesoperationsteam@gmail.ca